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Mattress Vacuum Bag

    • DO IT YOURSELF (DIY): Anyone can use this vacuum mattress compression bag without any expertise.
    • COMPRESSION RATIO: 1/8 (8-inch mattress after compression becomes 1 inch) Vacuum mechanism: Works with any type of vacuum cleaner. JUMBO/HUGE vacuum seal mattress bag.
    • DURABLE & REUSABLE: Extremely thick and durable, our space saver bags can be reused multiple times.
    • MATERIAL: Thickness 100-micron, Polyethylene + Polypropylene Color: Transparent Size: 95 Inch X 102 Inch (240 CM x 260 CM) King/California King
    • BENEFITS: Ship/return/Move/Storage mattress easily to Amazon or any other e-commerce. No need to rent expensive truck. Fits in car, can be moved by one person.WARNING: 1. DO NOT USE SHARP OBJECT TO OPEN THE BOX 2.DO NOT DRAG THE BAG AFTER VACUUMING THE MATTRESS. DRAGGING THE BAG CAN CAUSE DAMAGE TO THE MATTRESS VACUUM BAG.

    While relocating, never leave your expensive mattress behind. Now you can use our vacumme bag for compressing your mattress and transport even a king-sized mattress in the back seat of any sedan car.

    It is also very common to return an unwanted mattress bought on Amazon or any other e-commence. Now you can use our vacuum compressed bag for returns and never have to compromise with the unwanted mattress just because it is very cumbersome to return it. Big brands of mattress offer free returns, so make use of it now! .

    These bags are made of durable and thick material to protect your mattress in the process of move. Mattress vacuum bag protects your mattress from dust, bed bugs, moisture and water. Use any vacuum cleaner you have available at your home to suck the air out of the mattress, bag will shrink almost to one tenth of its size. Roll the mattress , tie any rope around the rolled mattress to hold it rolled. These are the most affordable and convenient mattress bags for moving, shipping,Storage and returns. Use these bags and avoid mattress disposal

    Instructions on how to compress mattress using Mattress Vacuum bag is provided with the item.

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